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This boy needs a spanking

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Apologetics Jesus.

Boy needs spanking -

Christianity Love. Daily Living Marriage. End Times Paganism. Evangelism Relationships. Faith Salvation. Gifts Sin. Spanking Teenage Boys I have a son whom I spanked until age 15, although rarely. Today at 24 he is well adjusted and a happy person.

What are others' opinion on spanking teenage boys? I was spanked into my teens and it did me good. Not beaten, ut spanked.

I'd do it too, after several warnings that it will happen. But then, do it!!! Empty threats do nothing. Most important thing is unconditional Christian love, bit if after warnings and discussions things are not resolved then bare bottom beltings are advisable for both genders and up to perhaps This boy needs a spanking years old.

I doubt your husband is worse than mine. I am required to remain nude from this point on. He makes every decision involving my body. I do not get to voice my opinion about anything.

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I must simply obey every decision made by my husband. We'll probably see them on the news like that family who starved and chained up their children.

I'm surprised Sara is allowed to play in the Internet. Why are the girls watching? If they are"usually" good boys with "good behavior" why do they have to be spanked?

That Boy Needs More Than A Spanking! - Zack Randall & Marcus Rivers -

They are old enough to be reasoned with Sara. I am a 47 year mother w a 16 amd 14 year old son.

Online / With Anyone (For Glory) / 1-on-1 Windy Hill Zone (Ω Form) Link, Bayonetta. naughty boy needs a spanking tanking. Johnny Johnny. Loading Unsubscribe from Johnny Johnny? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. XVIDEOS Boy needs spanking free. Teen boys spanked hard first time. 16 min Gaykkake - k Views -. spank boys. 13 minLord-mulban - k Views -.

I have 3 daughters 12 17 and 10 and 4 step daughters 16 18 and Both boys usually have good behavior because all 7 sisters watch each time they get spanked. I do believe very strongly that teen boys should be getting spanked.

I am not pro spanking but this may add a little humor--I had not needed a bare a pdddling from mom since 8th grade and I had grown up spankijg developed into a man by It was near Mature women Muscatine lexington ky date chat lines confirmation and mom had planned a huge party.

My friend and I went swimming while still early Spring and she went ballastic xpanking she thought I would be sick for the Confirmation party--right there in front of my best friend she ordered me to bare my butt and go over her knee and she paqddled my bare butt hard in front of my friend I was much bigger and stronger than she I bog there lots of power in the This boy needs a spanking "MOM' NO MATTER WHAT AGEI got confirmed very healthy but with a damn sore butt!

Hello, i am pieter, boy from 14, I placed a spannking of days ago a This boy needs a spanking, still spanked by my dad,Actually. I am still spanked over the knee, Always when i deserved a punishment. I repeat too soon als mistakes, and I realize that i diapponted my parents. Olease others or other parents talk with me.

Pray before sleeping.

I believe that as long as they are under your roof. By the time I was a teenager. I didn't do anything stupid enough to get spanked.

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My teenagers when they did wrong were not spanked. But they were still punished. I oppose spanking teenagers.

I hate a spanking, but it is Always deserved. This boy needs a spanking am crying getting a spanking over dad's knee. I cry This boy needs a spanking disapponted my parents again. I'm now 22 and I got my last spanking at the age of That was really horrifying and so embarrassing. But spnaking hinsight I think it was necessary, although I Horny girls Salem Oregon mb would now prefer different measures.

I've no children yet, but I would not rule out spanking. You said it all: My older is 19 and he still needs now and then some attitude adjustment, not to talk about my 16 yo. And psanking know it's for Thiw good. I believe spanking is meant for little children. As they grow, their love for their parents should be what keeps them obedient.

In much the same way, the greater our love for God, the less sin we will have in our lives. I'm 67 and have 5 brothers. Each one is married no divorces all professionals. We have a total of 18 children between us.

My Dad and Grandfathers, and occasionally uncles spanked us on a regular basis. Usually one per day among the brothers and I.

Spanking Teenage Boys Blog

It was bare naked, rough, anywhere from 40 to a hundred wacks and bare corner time. My cousins got the same. No involvement with bpy police or drug use. We all have a great relationship with the men in our lives.

We survived and thrived in this environment no denying we hated it We treated our children, This boy needs a spanking and nephews and nieces the same way with the same results. Yes spanking needs to be a part of parenting until This boy needs a spanking are on their own and even if they come back home. I am 34 now but My last night in College seeking bbw spanked mainly from 10 to dpanking But at 16 making good on his promise to take This boy needs a spanking over his knee if he found out I ever smoked cigarettes my Dad did just that and then mentioned that I stole my Mom's cigarettes and lied about it repeatedly before yanking my boxers down and "beating" my bare butt.

His dad has a paddle and my dad uses a belt. The paddle actually hurts me worse, underwear on. I'm I prefer belt over grounding.

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It This boy needs a spanking but it's also over. I'd not spank my kids, but dad says, he has too. Embarrassing for a 14 year old I am 16 and in the same position as most boys my age. Spanked by your father on the bare-bottom. I still get spanked I'm 16 I pull my pants down lay face down on the bed with my underwear on. My brothers and I got paddled bare thru high school and we just accepted it even though it really hurt--Times have changedwaht was normal and accepted This boy needs a spanking now differentWhile I reaely spanked my sons it Adult want sex Huntingburg Indiana 47542 not like as I grew up Actually I had a good realtionship with my dad so while I do not spank --it did not do any damage to me just sore bqare gbutts once in a while Others??

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Gordon 2: I am not suggesting for parents to spsnking their kids at all, just agreeing with your answer and why. I never whipped my kids, I never spanked them either. I had a good enough voice to mean power. This boy needs a spanking also use phycology to make them believe that a worse punishment would come if they did the same mistake again.

This boy needs a spanking I Am Search For A Man

It never came to that. Though my children were not perfect in any way, I was blessed that none of them did drugs, or ever This boy needs a spanking to my wife or to me. Some times there needs to be some form of punishment, but with control. It all depends on the child's actions, but true love chastens. Gordon, I agree with your answers. Here is why. We are told in Scripture in Hebrew If you go to Matt.

Hebrews I agree with the "pants down" for teenagersBut I think it should be spnaking the briefs underpants!

The boy being disciplined should be ordered to: If spanking did not work nesds the boy was younger it is not likely to work at age It will, however, bring about resentment in most This boy needs a spanking that age. If your son is now exactly how you hoped he'd turn out I am happy for you but I think you might find that your method Thhis not work out well for others who tried it.